An Introductory Online 75 min Civic Training


Make a meaningful difference in our country by discovering a fresh civic context & inner foundation to engage beyond political divides.

Postponed to Late Spring


  • You are fed up, repelled or depressed with politics 
  • You never cared about politics 
  • You are tired of fighting for your causes and getting nowhere
  • You are frustrated with political extremes on both sides
  • You are open to relax and question your political and world views
  • You are seeking a healthier outlook for our country and the world
  • You want more justice and a healthier and thriving country
  • You are willing to listen and feel uncomfortable 

Based on her deep dive into societal dysfunction, Franca will guide you into the heart of the matter, literally, and lead you into a radically fresh experience of yourself as a citizen.

  • She offers a new heart-intelligent & coherent framing of politics, law and your role as citizen;
  • She challenges the concept & practice of “delegation of powers” and offers a new experience & practice of power;
  • She shows how YOU can deactivate the subconscious roots of unhealthy polarization, division, injustice & scarcity in our collective body;
  • She invites the power of YOUR physical heart and the Public Heart to generate coherence and health in our collective body;
  • She shows how to spark citizen heart power in daily life for more authentic, courageous and resilient relations to ourselves, our fellow citizens and with our country;

This ONE-hour program is an introduction to a Public Heart™ Six Weeks Online Civic Training - and integrates some of the findings and techniques developed in the Heart Math® Activating The Heart of Teams ™ signature training. 


A move from brain to heart is more foundational than our constitution.

It is our allegiance to govern from within the public heart that leads us into a sustainable future.

Be prepared to explore what has the potential to transform us and tackle some of the most complex problems of our time and walk away with effective new civic tools.

I look forward to sharing with you this civic journey that will shape the future of our country.  

 Cost: $18

When: Postponed to Late Spring

Where: On ZOOM 

YOU WILL RECEIVE an EMAIL REMINDER with the ZOOM link before the program. PLEASE check your inbox and SPAM folder


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About Dr. Franca Baroni

Franca Baroni is an award-winning author, actress, intuitive, trainer and practicing immigration attorney. She holds a doctorate and master of laws and is admitted to the Bar in New York, Washington State and Switzerland. As a certified Heart Math® trainer, Franca shares valuable knowledge that has helped thousands of professionals in many sectors around the globe to effectively build resilience in the midst of crisis. She is the founder of The Public Heart™, an organization that offers art entertainment, trainings, consulting and inspirational speaking events to foster conscious leadership, citizenry and a broadened understanding of governance & law. A contributor in the 2017 ABA Publication “Lawyers as Changemakers”, she is recognized as an innovator in the field. For over 20 years, she has assisted countless individuals in connecting to their highest potential as well as in elevating their conflicts to new levels of resolution. Her acclaimed one-woman show Act In The Public Heart: A Lawyer’s Journey (2017-present) is a personal story and a call for a heart-centered collective realignment to activate societal change.